Mega Joker Slot Review 2021


Here you can learn everything about the Mega Joker, one of the most popular slot games online. Our Mega Joker slot review consists of all aspects you need to know before starting to play.

The fruit-themed slot, Mega Joker, has made its own place in the market due to its high returns to the players. If you wish to play the game, this guide will be extremely helpful for you. We have brought here all the details on this slot game developed by NetEnt. So, you will be able to begin playing, roll the wheel, and win some amazing prizes through it without any trouble.
Mega Joker features

The most interesting fact about the Mega Joker slot is that it is developed by NetEnt, one of the reliable software providers in the market. So you can play the game without any stress or worries. Apart from that, the game offers a high Return To Player (RTP). Some other exciting features of the five playline progressive slot include:

bet range from 1 coin to 10 coins per line;
Return To PLayer of 99%;
mobile compatible;
massive winning opportunities;
convenient to play;
free trial available.

With 99% Return To Player, Mega Joker is one of the go-to games of casino enthusiasts.
Gameplay and graphics

Joker Slot is a fruit-based slot game. You begin here with three reels and three rows, and you can select from the given five pay lines. The higher bet you choose, the more chances you have of getting a better payout. If you are in doubt, you can try the free mode of the game and see how it works. You can play Mega Joker with real money once you are sure of its functionality. The graphics are kept simple yet interesting for the players.

How to find the best online casino to play Mega Joker?

Experts agree that it can be challenging to find a suitable online casino for the same game. But they say you can look into different factors like security and bonuses to filter the casinos.

Relevant and high bonuses are the first thing you need to check before entering any Mega Joker offering casino.

You should never forget to analyse the security measures followed by the online casino to ensure your data and information will be kept safe.

The online casino you choose should be compatible with mobile platforms so that you can enjoy the Joker Slot on the go.

Your selected online casino must be licenced by a reliable and authentic authority.

Having other interesting games than Joker Slot will be a plus point for an online casino.

The support team of the casino should be reliable and all-time available for your help.
Bonuses and Free spins

While the game comes with a high Return To Player (RTP), there are no scatter symbols, wild symbols, or free spin present on Mega Joker slot game. This means you have to play it like a simple slot game without much bonus. However, there is a demo-mode of the game that you can try on. It is available for all players, and you can get into it to learn more about the game before putting your real money into it.

Scatter Symbol – A symbol which is paid out when it appears on the screen with more than two numbers, even outside the payline.
How to play Mega Joker

The benefit with Mega Joker online is that you can try it in free mode or lower betting amounts. As you learn more about the game, you can increase your bets. You will find a pay table that shows your winning combinations and the rewards associated with them. The super meter is placed right next to the machine reels, displaying super meter bonus game combinations. In this round, you can bet for 100 coins to win anything between 100-2000 coins when one joker comes on the middle reel.

There is no better strategy to win on Mega Joker than practising. You can do so with its demo-mode, which allows you to try out all the features and gameplay of the slot without any deposit.
How to get a bonus playing Mega Slot?

To enter into the bonus feature of Mega Joker slot, you need not go through any hassle. Here are three straightforward steps that you can follow.


Start by placing a bet of 10 coins as per your choice. A bet lower than 10 coins won’t reward you with the bonus round.


You need to win on your 10 coin bet. In case you lose, you can place your bet and try again.


Once you win the bet, you will automatically be transferred to the bonus. You can click on collect to continue the basic game.

1) Is Mega Joker available on mobile?

Yes, Mega Joker online can be played on PC, mobile, or any other platform. The only condition here is that your chosen online casino must be compatible with these devices. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the game on mobile.

2) What factors to check while selecting a Joker Slot casino?

The crucial aspects you shouldn’t miss out while selecting a casino to play Mega Joker slot are the following:

Security measures followed by the platform.
High and relevant bonuses.
A wide variety of games.
Mobile and other device compatibility.
A professional customer service team.

Apart from this, you can also check payment options and licensing of the casino to ensure ease of playing and reliability.

3) Are there any free spins available with Mega Joker?

No, there are no free spins, scatter symbols, or wild symbols available on Joker Slot. But there is a demo-mode to try on. Under this, you can play the game for free and try out its features. Whenever you feel like you have become an expert, you can move on to real money play.

4) What is the betting range present on Mega Joker?

You can place bets on Mega Joker game that can be as small as one coin per line, or as large as ten coins per line. One thing you need to remember here is that the bigger bet you make, the more chances will be there of winning significant amounts. So you can increase your bets after practising to win big.

5) What are the conditions for entering the Super Meter feature on Mega Joker Slot?

To enter the Super Meter on Mega Joker, you will have to place bets of 10 coins and win. The game will then automatically move you to the bonus round. In case you don’t want the automatic transition, you can press the given collect button. It will keep you in the basic game.
Players reviews

1) Hash_Gambler

I love the fruit concept of this slot and enjoy playing it. However, I don’t like the fact that the game doesn’t include any free spins or bonuses. It would have been more interesting with it.

2) Warden492

I began playing this slot some time back. The most interesting point about the game is that you need not risk your money just for trying it. You can opt for its demo-mode to try the game.

3) Athena_21

I tried for some time, but couldn’t find any specific strategy to win Joker Slot. So I sometimes end up losing the game when my luck isn’t with me. But that is what exactly keeps the game more exciting.

4) Nova_Pike54

It took me a little effort and time to find the online casino that fits best into my requirements. But once I began playing, I found it to be one of the most interesting fruity slots.

5) Sythe0271

This slot Return To Player of 99% is what attracted me towards it first. Due to this payout rate, I am able to win some significant amount of money from the game.