Litecoin Casinos in Australia 2021

After reading this article, you will know how to use Litecoin as a payment method for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos, and the benefits of this bank transfer.

We have prepared an expert analysis of Australian online casinos where you can make deposits and withdraws with Litecoin. Read our detailed guide to learn how to use this cryptocurrency for making payments. We cover everything from the pons and cons of online gambling with Litecoin to all the benefits it offers. After an intensive search on the web, we have gathered a list of online casinos accepting Litecoin for both beginner and expert players.
About Litecoin

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that was made popular by Charlie Lee, a former employee of Google in 2011. It is one of the top cryptocurrencies in the market and has the third-largest market capitalization for a cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ethereum. The online gambling industry has numerous Litecoin online casino platforms where players can make deposits and withdrawals with the cryptocurrency.

Use Litecoin online casino for fast and easy deposits and withdrawals.
Pros and cons of using Litecoin at online casinos

LTC casino offers numerous advantages for players. These sites that accept the cryptocurrency offer special bonuses for deposits made with Litecoin (LTC). It provides security by keeping players’ information anonymous and eliminating the risk of exposure to hackers. The withdrawal methods are extremely fast. As opposed to traditional banking methods which can take days, it only takes minutes to process and receive payouts with this cryptocurrency.

Despite its obvious advantages, Litecoin casino has its cons. The most obvious is the trading risk due to the fluctuating value common with cryptocurrencies. Also, many LTC casino sites out in the market are operating without a recognized casino license. Some sites accept Litecoin as a deposit method but force you to convert it to American Dollar or Australian Dollar to play its games.

How to find the best online casino that accepts Litecoin?

Experts agree that paying attention to features like platform license, game selection, bonuses and promotions, banking methods, site security, and customer support can help you pick the best online casino.

Aim for a platform that has a real license from a reputable casino licensing body such as Curacao Gaming Commission (CGC) and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Select a site that has the largest number of games only from reputable providers as possible from diverse categories such as slots, table games, and live dealer games.

Pick a platform that offers big bonuses and promotions but with low wagering requirements for both new and existing players.

Aim for a site that offers multiple and secure payment methods for deposits and withdrawals including Litecoin.

Choose a platform that has a solid security architecture such as the SSL encryption technology. It helps encrypt players’ information and make it impossible for hackers to steal their data.

Select a site that has responsive and professional customer support that is readily available to render assistance for players.
How do I get Litecoin?

Acquiring Litecoin to deposit at LTC casino can be tricky for players that have not used it as a payment method. There are various ways to get the needed cryptocurrency to wager at these sites. Follow these simple steps to get Litecoin easily, safely and without any complications:
open a Litecoin wallet such as Coinbase, Stash, Webmoney, Coinomi and Bittrex;
buy Litecoin;
find a Litecoin casino;
connect your crypto wallet to your casino account.

Wager— А casino’s requirement for the player to place bets for a certain amount.
Deposits using Litecoin

Depositing with the cryptocurrency is easy. All you need to do is find a Litecoin casino, and connect your crypto wallet with your casino account for easy and fast deposits and withdrawals. There is no transaction fee attached with deposits using Litecoin. They have instant processing time. The anonymous feature keeps users, information private, it also uses strong SSL encryption technology to keep hackers at bay.

Online gambling with Litecoin is a fast and easy payment method. With so many people embracing cryptocurrencies, there are many LTC casino where players can make deposits or withdraw via Litecoin.
How to keep your Litecoin secure

You can keep your Litecoin secure always and away from hackers by following these simple steps:


Download the program for storing cryptocurrency offline (for example, from the official website —


Buy Litecoin in your hardware wallet to keep it safe and encrypted while doing your transactions.


Wait for the program to be loaded on the computer and sync with the network.
Connect your crypto account with your Litecoin casino account for easy and safe deposits.


1) Are Litecoin Casinos safe?

Yes, they are generally safe. You have to check its license, gaming software providers, and site security, criteria you always need to do for other casinos to determine if it is safe.

2) Do they charge a fee?

Most Litecoin casinos do not charge a fee for transactions. However, Litecoin charges a small fee which is barely noticeable as a processing fee, which is a similar process for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

3) What is the minimum I can deposit at Litecoin casino?

This cryptocurrency does not stipulate a minimum fee for deposits at online casinos. The Litecoin casinos can however impose a minimum fee on users. You can contact the casino customer support to get the minimum if not already stated on the site.

4) Do all online casinos offer Litecoin as a payment method?

No. There are only a few online gaming platforms compared that offer it as a payment method. Many new online casinos are offering Litecoin for transactions to attract players. Shortly, expect more casinos to embrace it.

5) What is the maximum amount I can withdraw from Litecoin Casino?

The maximum amount is dependent on the Litecoin casino of choice. Different online casinos have different withdrawal limits for players. You can check the site’s FAQ or contact customer care for more detailed breakdowns.
Players reviews

1) Jade32

I prefer using this e-money at online casinos because it is a fast and secure payment method. I also enjoy the special bonus incentive given by my casino for using this cryptocurrency.

2) Jonas9987

I enjoy playing my favorite casino games at a go. I am a big fan of crypto and use this cryptocurrency for deposits and withdrawals because of its quick transaction speed. Within minutes, I get my withdrawals in my crypto wallet.

3) Roman11

I started using this cryptocurrency for my casino payments when I found out about the special bonuses available with this method. My experience so far has been excellent. It is super fast to use.

4) Angel_Casino

At first, I was skeptical about using cryptocurrency as a deposit method because of fears of falling value. So far, my experience has been great. It is super quick and does not attract any transaction fee.

5) Jonas8081

I love using cryptocurrency for my deposits and withdrawals at online casinos because of its speed and the security it affords my transactions. As a crypto wallet holder, I enjoy how easy and quick it is to make deposits and withdrawals with this payment method.