Ethereum Casinos in Australia 2021

Read our Ethereum casino guide and discover how this cryptocurrency works at online casinos, how to get Ethereum, how to deposit using Ethereum at the casinos, and importantly, how to turn your Ethereum deposit into a fortune!

Ethereum isn’t an average cryptocurrency. Founded in 2014 by Vitalik Buterin, it is the world’s leading programmable blockchain. This has earned it the nickname of Bitcoin’s more adaptable younger cousin. The team behind the currency is always working round the clock to improve it, with the aim of making it the biggest cryptocurrency in the world. Due to its flexibility, Ethereum tokens have more uses than any other cryptocurrencies. In this article, we are going to focus solely on its use at the Ethereum online casino sites.
About Ethereum

When Ethereum was designed, the main objective was to become a platform for anyone to develop Decentralized Applications (DApps). What this means is that these DApps would execute commands or reach certain decisions without relying on a central authority/command. This is what has made Ethereum very flexible and consequently find many uses online, including at the Ethereum casinos. And while there are so many cryptocurrency friendly online casinos, only a handful accepts Ethereum as a payment option.

Ethereum isn’t a digital coin but rather a universal programmable blockchain.
Pros and cons of using Ethereum at online casinos

There are several advantages of using Ethereum as a payment option at the online casinos. Anonymity, transparency and decentralization are some of the few advantages. The most outstanding one when it comes to online casino gaming, however, is the speed of transactions. Deposits are processed instantly as compared to other payment options, which take minutes. And when it comes to withdrawals, you’ll have your money within twenty minutes once the payout has been approved.

Ironically, speed is the main advantage and it’s yet again the main disadvantage. However, this drawback affects mostly those who make huge withdrawal requests using Ethereum as well as huge bets. One block of Ethereum takes fifteen seconds to be created. This means that every bet tales up to fifteen seconds for confirmation. Any bet that exceeds 1 ETH (unit for Ethereum), will therefore have to wait a longer time before being wagered. At the regular online casino, your bet will be processed instantly.

How to find the best online casino that accepts Ethereum?

Experts agree the best Ethereum online casino should be licensed and regulated by reputable authority, feature several online casino games by reliable providers and alternative payment methods, have round the clock customer support services and have a good reputation online.

The best Ethereum casinos should hold a valid license issued by a renowned body. Examples include: the Malta Gaming Authority, United Kingdom Gaming Commission or Curacao Gaming Commission.

Additionally, the brand should have a diversified game portfolio. Pokies, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker from multiple reputable software providers.

In addition to accepting Ethereum, the online casino should also support other payment options. Bitcoin, debit/credit cards, eWallets and prepaid cards should also be available.

The online casino should also have a reliable customer support team in place. The team should be accessible 24/7, very professional and knowledgeable in service delivery.

The best Ethereum casinos should also support multiple currencies to give Aussies the flexibility they seek when conducting transactions.

The best online casino should have many features: licences from reputable authority, games from best providers, and professional support team, but its reputation should not be tainted. Lucky for you, all our sites are reputable.
How to get Ethereum

Ethereum, like any other сryptocurrencies, can only be purchased online at selected platforms. These platforms are usually referred to as exchanges and they are plenty to pick from. However, while there are several hundreds to choose, it’s highly recommended you pick a legitimate, trusted and regulated platform. Once you have your preferred exchange, you can proceed and purchase Ethereum using fiat cash from the traders at these exchanges. Recommended Ethereum exchanges include:

Bonus — A special offer at casinos awarded to both new and returning players. Usually given in the form of free cash.
Deposits with Ethereum

To deposit using Ethereum, you need to have a wallet at any one of the leading exchanges supporting this cryptocurrency. Once you have the account, log in and copy the unique link to your wallet. Then follow these two steps to deposit with Ethereum:
visit the casino banking page and select Ethereum;
paste the link to your Ethereum wallet.
enter the amount you wish to deposit.
confirm the transaction.

Deposit limits at the Ethereum casinos vary from one brand to another. However, they tend to be more flexible than the typical online casinos. Deposits are low and maximum withdrawals are usually high.
How to withdraw your winnings from an Ethereum casino?

Withdrawing your winnings from an Ethereum casino is an easy three-step process. Here’s how to:

You need to play a real money game using Ethereum. Only then can you be able to win real cash.

Visit the banking page, select the ‘withdraw’ option and pick Ethereum. This will reveal the section where you’ll paste the Ethereum wallet link.

Log into your Ethereum wallet, copy the unique link, paste in the Ethereum field and enter the amount. Confirm the transaction to complete it.

1) Are my Ethereum coins in safe hands?

Purchasing your Ethereum and signing up at a legitimate ETH casino is just one side of the coin. Storing it on an exchange application is usually a recipe for disaster. It’s therefore advisable that you find a safe, secure, reliable and reputable crypto wallet where you can store your Ethereum.
2) Which are some of the safest Etehreum wallets online?

We highly recommend that you use Ledger Nano X, Ledger Nano S, Trezor, Atomic Wallet, or Guarda. Some of these wallets are hardware wallets, basic hardware, or desktop/mobile applications. You’ll need to download and install them in order to fully use them.
3) How can I ensure that my wallet is safe at all times?

Safety and security sometimes comes down to one’s responsibilities. Therefore, to ensure your Ethereum wallet is safe, use a strong password that you change from time to time. You should also enable the all important 2-Factor Authentication. If you need to deposit into an ETH casino, make sure it’s over secure internet and not over WIFI.
4) Is it possible to get a bonus at an Ethereum casino?

An Ethereum casino operates in the same way as the traditional online casino site. This means bonuses such as welcome bonus, free spins and match deposit cash are all available.
5) Is Online Gambling With Ethereum Legal?

Online gambling with Ethereum is 100% legal and regulated. Just ensure that you visit an online gambling platform with a valid license and one with proper safety and security measures in place.
Players reviews

1) PlayerX

The day I learned about provably fair gaming and this cryptocurrency is the day I quit playing using fiat one. I can now confirm the game’s results without any worries at all.
2) CryptoWiser

This cryptocurrency is the best alternative to Bitcoin gaming. The fact that I can receive my winnings within 15-20 minutes is a big plus. Also, the fact that many online casinos accept it as a payment option makes it convenient for use.
3) Anonymous101

I enjoy using this cryptocurrency for my transactions at selective casinos because DApps don’t have third party interference, downtime and fraud. In other words, I choose it because of security and reliability
4) Annihilator

I made a decision to exclusively play on blockchain based online casinos – more especially sites that support cryptocurrencies. When using this one, I do so because of the speeds they offer when withdrawing the money
5) PokiesFan

If you are a big fan of online pokies, you may have heard about provably fair games. If you still haven’t, then you should try online casinos that support this cryptocurrency as a payment option. Only then can you experience these 100% fair and reliable games.