Bitcoin Cash Casinos in Australia 2021

Bitcoin is a reliable and easy to use payment option for online casino gaming. Read all about this revolutionary method, including how to deposit at a BCH casino. Plus, how to get BCH online.

The invention of Bitcoin paved the way for technological changes not only in the financial sector, but also in the iGaming industry. It has since become one of the most sought out forms of gambling. One reason for it is because of players being able to use the Bitcoin Cash ‘hard fork’ to make speedy and reliable payments. To help you understand all about BCH, we’ve prepared this guide. It will help you understand more about:
Bitcoin Cash;
online casinos accepting Bitcoin Cash;
how to deposit and play using this cryptocurrency.
About Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash, abbreviated as BCH, is a ‘hard fork’ of Bitcoin, which was invented in August 2017. A ‘hard fork’ is any cryptocurrency that has split from the main currency to form a new and independent one. The developer thought that the ‘block size’ of cryptocurrency needed to be increased, what is why he created BCH. By doing this, he believed that transaction times and more overall use would significantly be improved. Seeing how popular BCH has become, we can say he successfully managed to do this.

By managing to reduce the block size of BTC, BCH transactions are faster and reliable
Pros and cons of using Bitcoin Cash at online casinos

Bitcoin Cash might be one of the best things to have ever happened to online casino gaming. There are constant innovations, which have not only made the industry transparent, but also safe and secure. Players are now able to trace how their money goes – on the blockchain ledger – and nobody is able to interrupt the transaction. Importantly, there are now games, which you can exclusively play using BCH. They also use the blockchain technology, and enable you to check for the fairness of the results.

Regulation remains to be one of the main challenges facing Bitcoin Cash and perhaps why it’s yet to be fully adopted. This, combined with the fact that online casinos are yet to be fully regulated in several parts of the world, has made many people skeptical to use BCH as a currency. Additionally, like Bitcoin, BCH is highly volatile, which makes its price unstable. This also discourages many people from using it.

How to find the best online casino that accepts Bitcoin Cash?

Experts agree the best Bitcoin Cash casinos should accept Australian players, have services tailored for Aussies, hold a valid license, support other payment options and generally have good service delivery.

The Bitcoin Cash casinos should accept any Australian player who’s attained the legal age of 18 years.

To ensure Australians have an easy time playing, it should tailor its services. For instance, support the Australian Dollar in addition to Bitcoin Cash as a currency.

Licensing is one of the most important things about online casino gaming. The Bitcoin Cash online casino should be licensed by a reputable licensing body.

It should also diversify its payment methods. In addition to accepting credit/debit cards, eWallets and prepaid cards, it should support other cryptocurrencies too.

The BCH casino should also strive to have fast, efficient and excellent customer support services. As for live dealers, they should be friendly and pros.

Speaking of live dealers, the casino should have a diversity of games only by reputable providers. Both software based and live dealer games should be featured prominently.
How do I get Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash can only be purchased from exchanges. These are platforms where people buy and see Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. Examples include Bitfinex, Coinbase, Kraken among others. Once you have an account at any one of these exchanges, follow the steps below:
Log into your account.
Use either fiat or Bitcoin, initiate a transaction.
Ensure the seller is a genuine person.
Put funds in escrow, equivalent to the BCH amount you need.
Confirm the transaction by releasing the escrow funds.

Bankroll — An amount of cash that you can spend playing an online casino game.
Deposits using Bitcoin Cash

Any Bitcoin transaction is usually logged in a blockchain. This is a public ledger, which allows this transaction to be visible to all the people. This in turn ensures the transparency of the transaction. Each time you initial a BTC transaction, you’ll have to wait for verification, which can last up to ten minutes. Once initiated, this is how you deposit in your Bitcoin Cash online casino account:
visit the banking section of the account;
click on BCH and copy the address;
log into your BCH wallet;
paste the copied address to complete the transaction.

While the transactions are social and appear on the public ledger, it doesn’t mean they are not secure. They are visible, but cannot be altered or edited due to the blockchain technology used.
How to start playing with Bitcoin Cash

Once you’ve successfully made your initial deposit, you can play the games and withdraw your winnings by following the steps below.
Sign up

The first step to online gambling with Bitcoin Cash is to sign up at any of the recommended and reliable platforms. This takes less than five minutes.

Deposit Bitcoin Cash into your account. Transactions are usually instant in most cases.

Bitcoin Cash can only be used at Bitcoin games from reputable software providers. Now with this cryptocurrency in your account, you can start playing.

1) Do all online casinos support Bitcoin Cash as a payment option?

No, not all Australian casinos support Bitcoin Cash as a payment option. There are only a handful of online casinos accepting Bitcoin Cash. These sites are occasionally recommended by top online casino affiliate sites.
2) Are there exclusive BCH Casino sites?

Even for the BCH casino sites supporting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you won’t find one that exclusively supports this new payment option exclusively. Usually, they accept BCH alongside other payment options.
3) Are there fees associated with online gambling with Bitcoin Cash?

The matter of fees is all dependent on the Bitcoin Cash casino site you visit. Some will offer free of charge transactions, while others will impose a small fee percentage on the transaction. This fee is usually meant to cut the time associated with withdrawals or deposits.
4) How do I find regulated and legitimate Bitcoin Cash casinos?

The best way to find a regulated and legitimate Bitcoin Cash casino is to conduct a thorough background research on the casino. Read player reviews online and visit reliable affiliate websites. Once you are satisfied with the information gathered, put the Bitcoin Cash casino through its paces just to ensure all the information checks out
5) Can I play at Bitcoin Cash online casino?

Any Australian who’s attained the legal age of 18 years can not only play at a Bitcoin Cash casino, but can also win while doing so. Real money, however, can only be won if you play the real money games.
Players reviews

1) MtumeMkuu

Using this cash as a payment option at the casino was at first difficult. However, after reading through the different guides and reviews, I realized it’s an easy and straightforward method. I’ve actually come to appreciate it more due to its numerous advantages.
2) Elishamak

One aspect standing out in this emoney over the fiat currencies is the speed of the transactions. Thanks to it, I can now play, win and use the money within an hour. In the past, I had to wait for up to four hours.
3) NinaDizzz

Nothing speaks of legitimacy and safety than an online casino supporting this currency and is licensed. The blockchain technology, and license shows just how safe and secure my financial details are at the site.
4) SlotsPlayer47

The slots are my favourite games to play. The provably fair technology can be described as game changers. There’s also the fact that I can use this fiat currency at selected casinos to comfortably enjoy these games.
5) Pikachu

Most people find it difficult to use emoney at casino sites but it’s an easy and straightforward way of making safe and secure deposits. Plus, you get to save on a lot of time while withdrawing winnings.