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Every game has its rules, and online keno is no exception. To get you familiar with the gameplay strategies and playouts, this article shows you exactly how to play keno and win.
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This old and popular game has simple rules and a mechanism that is very similar to a lottery’s. Players select from numbers from 1 to 80 in hopes that their selected numbers would match those drawn during each round. Keno has a high record of winnings and can be played with as little as $1.
How to play Keno online
The keno game typically consists of the same basic elements: the buttons, a paytable and keno card. Every online keno game involves a large number grid, usually with 8 rows of 10 numbers each, called a keno card; a pay table that shows the payout for your number of catches; and a quick pick button press to use a system number selection.
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Keno NZ gives even casino amateurs a great place to start winning generous jackpots.
It is a simple game of luck and numbers where your percentage of accurate matches determines your wins. After picking your game, select your range of 1 – 20 numbers and place adjustable bets per draw. You are also to choose the number of games you intend to play before finally waiting for the results of the draw.
Your chances of winning at Keno
Since selections are made using a Random Number Generator (RNG), luck has plenty to do with winning keno prizes NZ. However, you can make better predictions using House Edge and Return To Player (RTP).

Calculations for House Edge and RTP are done using statistics from several players over time and don’t account for individual bets. It would be a good move to make a comparison between several casinos to find the one with the best figures.
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How to find the best casino site to play keno online?
Experts agree that multiple factors and criteria are necessary to review and decide on the best casino site with high keno payout percentages.
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There should be keno NZ game selections and a range of live dealer games, slots and table games with trusted software providers.
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It is necessary that there are encryption and other security measures to protect user’s confidential information, and that casinos are licensed and audited by valid and trusted organisations.
Expert 3 opinion
A great site should offer easy and safe banking options for players to choose from, which provide quick processing and ensure convenience.
Expert 4 opinion
Quality casinos should provide optimisation and compatibility for mobile devices to allow players to have a great user experience while comfortably using the site or app on a mobile or tablet.
Expert 5 opinion
It is beneficial to choose a website that offers excellent promotions and welcome or additional bonuses. These rewards are common with most casinos.
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A quality user interface is important to make it easy to view options and numbers and make selections.
Consider the available payout options which casinos offer before choosing. These options should allow quick, safe and secure payments to and from the casino. According to experts, the best options include direct bank wire transfers, e-wallets and credit cards.
Online Keno strategies
This game’s reality is simply that your influence over the game outcome ends once your numbers have been selected. keno in NZ is unpredictable, with a wide range of possibilities from random choices. With these tactics, you can even out the keno odds NZ when you play this game online, so you get the best shot at winning.
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A good rule of thumb to ensure minimal losses is, to begin with minimum bets and increase or decrease it based on your results. It’s also crucial to utilise bankroll management and budget what you can comfortably afford before placing wagers.
Observe the players and note the numbers that frequently get selected. Capitalise on the bonuses and take advantage of free versions of keno NZ to practice. Take time to gain insight into how it works, and when you choose to play keno online, avoid playing with money, you can’t handle losing.
Tips for playing online Keno
how to play keno
Find online keno casinos that offer bonus deals and practise with their free games to accustom yourself to the game structure and interface. Worrying about number selection is needless because the game gives random results regardless.
Term 1
Bankroll – The total amount of money set aside for betting, separate from personal or business capital, which a person intends to spend at a casino.
The amount in your bankroll and how you choose to distribute it is entirely up to you. Swelling your bankroll requires saving up to ensure you add up enough money to enjoy online keno and other favourite games.

After you have saved up a large enough bankroll, you can get it deposited in your preferred online keno NZ casino account.
A brief history of Keno
Keno is a game originated from China, and it was played with 120 Chinese characters during its beginning. Over time, during the 1800s, the Chinese people started travelling to the United States for work, and as a result, they introduced the game of keno to the people living within the United States. During the 20th century, a loophole in the legal system allowed for gambling, but not lotteries. Because keno was a lottery game, operators changed the name to Racehorse Keno and called it a racing game. Nowadays you can play a keno NZ game while resting assured that there is nothing illegal about playing it.
Term 2
Random Number Generator – An algorithm which uses accidental numbers to create the draw as a whole, which is completely unpredictable and used in a variety of casino games.
When people are first introduced to the world of internet gambling, and in this case, online keno, they start to wonder if the game might be rigged in any way since they are not in a physical land-based casino. Most online casinos follow strict regulations, and many companies and organisations test the fairness of the games to ensure their Random Number Generator (RNG) software is unbiased.
How to play Keno on a mobile device or tablet?
Sign up
Sign up for an online casino by entering your email and all relevant details on the official website compatible on mobile devices.
Login to your email address to verify the code sent there, or check your phone if you selected phone verification.
Login to the website or application and make your first deposit, after which you can begin to play keno online.
1) Is online keno fair?
Online casinos have their games tested by various organisations to check if their games are legitimate and fair. These include Technical Systems Testing (TST), Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), eCOGRA, iTechLabs, Testlabs, etc.
2) What is House Edge?
The House Edge is the profit that a casino can gain from players over time. Most titles have an RTP from 94 to 98 per cent if you play online keno for real money. The missing 2 to 6 per cent is the house edge, which will eventually make the casino profitable, making it a viable business for the casino.
3) Do RTP ratio of 98% means that I will Lose 2%?
These ratios are calculated through every possible outcome over an extended period of time. Individual player results will vary widely, so this is not the case for short-term players. It means that you will not lose 2% every time that you play. This information is taken from the gaming sessions of all players to make one summary.
4) Should the maximum amount of numbers be played?
It all depends on the game and scenario, if it has a progressive jackpot, playing all numbers is a good idea, if it is not, check the return chart and pick the best returns.
5) Can I play keno online and free?
Many online game developers, some of which create keno games, offer the ability to play the game of keno online for free through their ‘demo’ mode, which means that you will receive virtual funds to play the game, however, in this case, you will not be able to make a withdrawal.
6) Can I play keno on my mobile?
It highly depends on the online casino you choose to play keno in. Many nowadays casinos have mobile-friendly versions that can work at any mobile device and screen, using a modern web browser. This means that you can indeed play keno on a mobile device like a smartphone and even a tablet. If you want to play online keno for real money, you can do so on your mobile device.
7)How much can be won in keno?
It highly depends on the casino. They offer a variety of jackpots. However, it can range well over $1 million in some cases. The best way to figure out what the jackpot is at any given casino is to review the progressive casino slots game and see how far they have gone in terms of rewards, which should give you more of an idea of what to expect while playing there.
Players reviews
1) Casino_expert87
This gambling website offered me easy access, and I could understand how to play it in minutes, I had heaps of fun playing this game, and I intend on doing so in the future again.
2) Gamer_paradise21
This platform offered me a match bonus, so I used it to play keno, and the rewards just kept on coming in. I had a blast playing this game, but they could do some more work on the live casino section of the page, as the quality started giving me pixels.
3) Ultimate_gambling_god
I was searching for days for the perfect casino to enjoy keno and I am happy to report that this is it, after hours of gameplay I managed to get a win I enjoyed, this gambling resource is great, works well on my mobile. The only thing is that withdrawals could be a bit faster.
4) Johnny_J_92
This platform offered the best welcome bonus, so I was instantly hooked, and being a huge fan of keno for real money, I loved it.
5) JackieChun_18
If you are a fan of keno, the chances are that you are at the right place, with a huge community surrounding the game, this casino has you covered. The live section is good, but the number of competitors will grow bigger.
6) ExaviorTheG
I had an amazing desktop experience at this casino website, as it offered hundreds of games, and some of them were playable on mobile as well, just wish more of them would be ported.